My husband and I received an email from our 2-year old sons kindergarten informing us that the school had decided to assign mentors to all children so that all parents could have a dedicated partner at the school who is focused on maximizing the learning and development journey of our children. At first, I thought, “Huh, so early?” but then that quickly turned into “Yes! Let’s start early!”. If I had a chance to travel back in time and tell my younger self a few chunks of advice, one of them would be. “Find the right mentors to help you. You do not need to figure everything out by yourself all the time.” I discovered the power of mentorship quite recently when I was selected to participate in the 2018 cohort of the 30% club ran by the Women Ahead Moving Ahead mentoring program.   Although I no longer participate in the Women Ahead program, I have continued to learn and grow through the gift of mentorship through many other channels. I have been blessed to connect with some very great individuals who have been brought my way through my personal and professional networks. Today, I am blessed with not one, but five mentors. Mentors who remind me not to focus on my perceived weaknesses but rather harness my many strengths to alleviate any pitfalls. Mentors who have no hidden agendas or ulterior motives, personally or otherwise. Mentors who have no need of applying demotivational carrot and stick tactics to keep you in check. Mentors who genuinely listen, who deeply care, who openly share their experiences, both good and bad, in a non-judgmental, non-egoistic manner. Mentors who simply believe in me. As I continue pursuing my passion for People and Project Management through offering training, coaching and consultancy services, I aim to become the type of mentor that my younger self would have liked to have had. So, if your network is your net worth, imagine how valuable the right mentor can be. Choose wisely! #ROHO #reachone #helpone