Addressing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

Transformational conversations that changes the way we see.

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What is Outward Inclusion?

Too many organizational efforts to address equity, diversity, and inclusivity focus on behaviors alone.

The marginalizing and discriminatory behaviors that most organisations are trying to eradicate are behavioral manifestations of a deeper issue—mindset

If we engage in change efforts that do not change mindset—the fundamental way we see and regard others—nothing will change.

Understanding someone else in a deep, profound way creates a psychologically safe environment where the members of your organization can bring their best ideas, best innovation, and best selves to work every day

1-day Outward Inclusion Workshop

  • Create conditions that foster safe, honest, self-reflective, and productive dialogues.
  • Understand the origin and progression of bias.
  • Explore stereotyping, labeling, and exaggerating differences and their impact.
  • Apply frameworks and tools to reduce bias and influence change.
  • Understand the value of diversity and the dangers of tokenism.
  • Develop a practical and healthy way to promote diversity.
  • Identify and correct practices and structures that erode equity and inclusion.
  • Apply frameworks and tools to improve equity and create a culture of belonging.

Outward Inclusion is a one-day workshop delivered in two sessions.

Members of all levels of the organization are invited to engage in session one which requires no prerequisite.

Participants will engage in transformational conversations that change the way they see those around them.

The second session—Outward Inclusion for Leaders—builds on session one by providing practical tools for leadership to implement to enact lasting change.

Leaders must attend both sessions.