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Supporting Project Professionals to Thrive and Succeed.

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Why do we do Projects?

We do projects to achieve results.
Project Managers are catalysts of change.
However, sometimes achieving results is done at the expense of People.
We aim to help and support individuals who work on projects to maximize their potential and thrive, both personally and professionally.

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Supporting New Project Professionals to develop a career in project management.

Experienced Project Professional

Supporting Experienced Project Professionals to further advance in their careers.

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Supporting Project Organisations to upskill and / or reskill their members.

The Challenge

Every project can be viewed as a mountain. You can choose to:

  • Blast through it.
  • Go around it.
  • Scale it alone.
  • Ask for help for someone to pull you up, show you the path to take or avoid.

Go ROHO is a company that wants to help you scale your mountain.
What you do after you get to the top is all up to you.

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Why choose Go ROHO?

We support project managers to run projects in ways that put people first.

We support organizations to change mindsets and behaviours with sustainable results.

We encourage and promote partnerships to address social and planetary challenges.

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